First and foremost: Welcome to the Netherlands!

The EL CID is the introduction week for all new students of Leiden University, Hogeschool Leiden and Webster University. During five days you and 3500 other new students will be introduced to each other and all the things you want to know about Leiden as a student.

City, study and student life
The three main things you will be introduced to are the city Leiden, your study and student life. If you don‘t live in Leiden yet, you will find it hard to find everything you are looking for. That‘s why you will be accompanied by one or two senior students who can tell you all about finding your way in the city. There will also be a pub-crawl, during which you will see most of the pubs in Leiden and can enjoy your drink for almost nothing.

During the EL CID-week you will get to know what your study is like.  You can participate in the faculty introduction during the EL CID and you will get to see what you‘re up to in 2016 – 2017. During the week you will be placed in a group with some of your fellow students. A great way to get to know the people you will be studying with.

In the EL CID-week all the student associations will open their doors for you. The associations will present themselves and organize all kinds of parties and activities. You won”t have to be bored for a minute, since Leiden has associations of all kinds. From praying to rowing, from drinking beer in a suit to chilling out in a sweater and from studying to fun, there is always a student association that offers what you are looking for.

When does the EL CID-week take place?
The EL CID-week takes place from the 15th up until the 19th of August 2016. Make sure that your agenda is blocked and subscribe! If you wish to enter a student association, you might want to block the two weeks after the EL CID as well. Maybe you are not planning to subscribe now, but it‘s wise to keep these weeks empty of activities in case you change your mind. In these two weeks student associations organize activities so you will get to know the other students and all the things the association has to offer.

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 Down here you’ll find an impression of the EL CID.